Systems Integration

systems integration

FifthQuadrant's consultants possess a deep technical understanding as well as being able to face the business. This combination allows management of complex technical projects and ensures that all Stakeholders are aware of plans, progress and delivery challenges. The technical background of FifthQuadrant's consultants means that they understand and challenge technical delivery issues, communicate impact to Business stakeholders but also identify solutions. Clients value this ability to provide options and solutions to technical challenges that raise from systems integrations, decommissioning of systems and technical upgrades.

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client was seeking to implement a new ERP and engaged offshore vendor to support on development of 40 interfaces. However, client had not engaged local IT teams to make changes to plant executions that new ERP would be interfacing into.

  • FifthQuadrant technical consultants quickly established the scope of change required to enable data to flow from ERP via interfaces to plant level systems.

  • Initial estimate of 2000 man days, would result in 6 months delay to go live. FifthQuadrant deployed agile development to accelerate delivery and augmented local teams with offshore capacity.

IT Architecture & Roadmap

IT roadmap

FifthQuadrant's experienced consultants can support the definition and development of Enterprise IT architecture, especially the transition of functionality from legacy applications to standard packages. Additionally, FifthQuadrant can develop an IT roadmap that schedules development and deployment of strategic applications (ERP, CRM etc.) and functionality whilst driving system standardisation, decommissioning and reducing total cost of system ownership.  Our consultants have experience of engaging senior executives to understand business drivers and technical teams to understand delivery challenges to provide comprehensive assessment of the IT roadmap.

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client was seeking to understand its application landscape and strategic direction based on adopting a centralised IT delivery approach.

  • FifthQuadrant undertook an assessment of current capability and aspiration for Central IT to support over 3000 FTE. Defined detailed questionnaires to support interviews with Business Unit MD / FD.

  • Consolidated findings to enable assessments strategic applications by capability, support costs and target operating model.

Data Migration


FifthQuadrant consultants possess a depth of skills and knowledge in the execution of data migration projects. Typically data migration ownership is left with clients given their understanding of the data, however it is a complex and unfamiliar activity that requires detailed planning and co-ordination with the Business and system integrations. Data migration if executed well should be the final set of activities to complex IT changes programmes but it requires a combination of skills and knowledge that needs a blend of Business and external resources. FifthQuadrant works seamlessly with Business resources and System Integrators to deliver data mapping, cutover plans and data files to allow successful go lives.

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client needed to migrate data from legacy ICL mainframe due to end of life of software and hardware. However client had legal and regulatory compliance requirements which required to access historical manufacturing orders backdating over 25 years.

  • FifthQuadrant provided technical delivery management from scoping the business requirements to solution selection.

  • Worked with outsourced technical vendor to extract 1m records, decommission mainframe and transition data to new cloud accessible solution.

Developing programming and coding tech

Technical &

Data Delivery