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Digital Transformation using low code

Quickbase supports organisations where there are complex projects, processes, Excel spreadsheets, access databases, or legacy systems which are used to manage and reconcile data and support abilities. Quickbase is a Cloud-based relational database, which means that it is simple to configure and has automated workflows, data-level user security and access as well as real-time reporting requirements.

An organisations ability to adapt and react to rapidly changing requirements is increasingly difficult due to complex IT environments.  


Low code platforms can help organisations connect systems, support collaboration and allow solutions that can be changed quickly without having to undergo a full IT delivery process. 


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FifthQuadrant is an official reseller and services provider for Quickbase. Contact us if you are looking to buy licenses, need services help, or want to use one of our built applications 


Integrating systems, processes, and people to deliver outcomes


Typical integration options


Some common usecases


Built Applications

Helios - designed for Solar installation companies with CRM, field service and role based dashboard functionality 

  • Track leads and activities from initial inquiry, to scheduling site surveys to issuing contracts and managing installations.

  • Real-time reporting with custom dashboards provides complete visibility of tasks and activities that can drive sales and customer satisfaction. 

  • Supports Solar panel installation businesses, and property developers from land sourcing to attaining planning permission and solar financing.

Fides- build customer trust and loyalty with a CRM solution that supports web integration, quote and order management as well as requesting customer feedback 

  • Pre-built CRM application that supports simple customer, quote, and order management. The solution allows tracking of your customer interactions with you as they move from requesting quotes to placing orders and through to payment. 

  • Drive conversion of sales from quotations by better engaging with sales opportunities. Allow team collaboration with customers and have your sales information in one place.

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