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Back Office Cloud Solutions

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Transform using cloud-based solutions


AWS infrastructure is located in 24+ regions and multiple availability zones


Easy to run with high availability, allows user access on any device, anywhere for key back office solutions 


Access to AWS solutions as well as the latest versions of solutions. Utilise IoT, machine learning, and AI capabilities

At FifthQuadrant we focus on supporting organisations transition to the Cloud. With many Cloud options, we believe that our focus on AWS and applications hosted on it leverage our skills and expertise. 

We are experienced consultants who understand that technology-enabled transformation requires people who can deploy IT applications but also address the business change associated with new solutions and processes.  

We offer a range of consulting services as well as specific technology solutions focused on the AWS Cloud that enables migration to Cloud services, connected data, and efficient processes. 

Key Cloud 
Technology Partner

Improve service delivery 

We have a range of Cloud-based solutions that make it easier to put data insights at the fingertips of your marketing and front-line staff so they can make more informed decisions. Using flexible, responsive tools you can optimise your products, service levels and staffing to better meet the changing needs of consumers.


  • Securely view all citizen and supplier data from different providers in a single console 

  • Use spatial data to understand faults, response times and drive workflows

  • Utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities from AWS or built into solutions to better understand service demands and resource gaps


Optimise staffing

Using a flexible range of Cloud-based solutions you can optimise your staff processes. From an application tracking system that supports CV parsing and frictionless candidate experience using Infor HCM to streamlined joiner-to-leaver processes. Track time and attendance in Infor WFM or use Quickbase solutions to support contractor timesheet reporting and staff scheduling. Solutions support employee development, performance management as well and learning & and development.  

  • Utilise CV parsing to have searchable talent pools and assess skills to the role

  • Use Cloud-based solutions GIS and mobile-friendly solutions  to enable field service scheduling and track job status

  • Utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to better understand your talent pool, current staff and optimise scheduling of resources

Streamline supply chain and operations

Supply chain and operation teams can take a proactive approach to supply chain management by deploying a single view of supplier inactions from POs to deliveries and quality incidents. Allowing an understanding of issues and allowing proactive intervention. Additionally, IoT solutions can be deployed to monitor assets.

  • Using GIS solutions to track assets and inventory 

  • Create automated workflows to support asset management based on predictive maintenance schedules

  • Enable non desk-based staff access to information to support their jobs through mobile devices that deliver the right information at the right time

Manage compliance regulations

Manage the burden of regulation and compliance reporting by consolidating data sets across systems or capturing compliance reporting as part of operational processes. Remove data silos and enable team collaboration as well as management of risk and non-compliance.

  • Remove data reconciliation, and manual rekeying by consolidating data sets that enable compliance reporting  

  • Capture compliance data during the operational process, using GIS data to identify assets or using systems validations to alert to non-conforming data entries 

  • Evolve interoperability practices to make data sharing maintenance and compliance less of an overhead 

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