Requirements Management

Business requirements

FifthQuadrant understand the challenge of generating clearly understood business and system requirements. Often, requirements can result in articulation of current ways of work or existing system functionality being replicated. Requirements often lack detail, such as defining specific data fields or overlook scenarios that need to be accommodated in day-to-day business operations. FifthQuadrant believe that signed off requirements are the foundation for successful delivery, whether using an agile or waterfall methodology. Our consultants can augment internal capability and delivery capacity, to work with external programme delivery partners and drive success.  Our consultants have the ability to support the Business and align requirements to business outcomes and programme benefits as well support system development teams in the critical phase of any programme or project.​

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client had ambition to deploy a global field service management system. Previous attempts had been thwarted by cultural and operational challenges but cost pressures required a solution that could be successful.

  • FifthQuadrant consultant was engaged to defined the requirements to support field service management for financial data support systems. Starting with US operations, defined detailed requirements that would enable centralised and remote field service management. Solution would provide template for EMEA & APAC.

Target Operating Model

Target operating model

FifthQuadrant believe that designing a target operating model requires taking a holistic view of the organisation, business unit or department. Understanding the business outcomes and the potentials customers, whether internal or external, assist to understand the target business processes as well as the supporting data and information flows. Only through this analysis can the skills and capabilities of internal resources be assessed as well as determine the optimum location to undertake tasks. FifthQuadrant's structured approach supports this analytical approach that supports the definition of the target operating model and the transition steps required to enable it. 

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client had a dysfunctional organisation that failed to deliver on time and / or to price. Project teams were hindered by no control of resources and allocations.

  • FifthQuadrant consultant supported development of new global delivery organisation which on-boarded 100+ in-flight programmes with value of $0.5bn.

  • New financial controls were defined and implemented and over 1600 personnel were transitioned into this new function.

Process Redesign

Process redesign

FifthQuadrant believe that any new system implementation needs a corresponding workstream that reviews and updates business processes. This is to ensure that data captured in the system is done so at the right point, agreed by all stakeholders involved in the day to day execution of the processes and the process continues to deliver the business outcome. Additionally, defining the process at this early stage can support development of test scripts for use in User Testing and the impact of change in processes on roles and skills required to execute updated processes. 

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client had inefficient processes and 14 day close period as a result of over 50 finance application, lack of data integrity and no golden source. Client needed to address inability to consistently report and increasingly expensive finance function operational costs.

  • FifthQuadrant consultant implemented integrated finance system with common chart of accounts which enabled 7 day close.

  • Processes were standardised and controls established allowing transition to offshore lower cost operation.