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About Us


Transformation projects should enable organisations to change how they will operate in the future. Defining this vision requires articulating the changes needed, and the journey to get there. Only by understanding what differentiates the future from the past, can change be delivered internally and into the marketplace.


Clarity and timeliness of decision-making are essential in complex projects. Identify and prioritise those decisions that make the most significant impact on the project and business success. Taking a pragmatic and results-focused approach allows key decisions to be made that can manage scope, budgets, resourcing, and duration.


Experience and knowledge can challenge the status quo. The confidence to disrupt and drive change is essential if delivery is to be accelerated or business outcomes are realised. Enhance effective program practices or quickly implement new approaches to add value and bring sustainable benefits.

We are a leading enterprise and digital services company, connecting technology solutions to businesses.

We offer transformative technology implementations, adopt accelerators, and drive productivity through add-ons, integrations and extensibility on the cloud. Our enterprise-wide technology services capability spans data and analytics, managed services, automation, and digital advisory.

Our consultants are senior, former Big Four Consultancy practitioners with significant experience delivering complex programmes. They bring a unique understanding of technologies, processes and business change required to drive organisational transformations.  

We work with clients to deliver solutions that are pragmatic, clearly understood, and provide a defined business outcome.  Whilst no two organisations are the same, the steps to transformation can be shared and reused. We have developed a set of accelerators and templates that are typical for the systems-based transformations we undertake, allowing for fast project ramp-up and immediate implementation of best practices.

A Global Team

Our teams are based out of offices in the UK, USA, Sri Lanka and India, and have experience in implementing projects across multiple locations, continents and timezones. 

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