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About Us

FifthQuadrant was established by a team of ex-Big Four management consultants to work with customers globally to achieve successful change programmes. Our hands-on, pragmatic approach is based on ensuring that business outcomes are quickly agreed and focus on aligning all stakeholders to deliver them. ​We believe a collaborative approach is essential and thinking outside the box can help to see the bigger picture and reconcile different approaches. Importantly, FifthQuadrant always views programmes and projects as internal activities that assist organisations to:

Differentiate. Decide. Disrupt.

At FifthQuadrant, we believe that programme and projects need to enable organisations to differentiate from what they currently do. Being able to articulate the required changes is part of confirming scope, the journey to get there and making sure everyone buys in and is part of the change. Only by understanding what differentiates future from the past, can change be delivered internally and into the marketplace.

Clarity and timeliness of decision making is essential in complex programmes. FifthQuadrant seek to identify those decisions that make the most significant impact on the success of a programme. Taking a pragmatic and results focused approach allows key decisions to be addressed; whether impacting scope, budgets or delivery schedule.  

FifthQuadrant consultants bring a depth of experience and challenge current delivery approaches and ways of working. The confidence to disrupt and change the current way of working is often essential if delivery is to be accelerated or business outcomes provided. Changing delivery mindset often means a change to vendor delivery models or implementation methodologies. Our consultants seek to enhance practices that are working but quickly implement new approaches to add value and bring sustainable benefits to clients organisations.