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Why Documentation is So Important in Digital Back-Office Implementations

Documentation plays an integral part to any digital back office implementation approach, providing transparency for both the implementation partner and the organisation making the back office change.


Key benefits of documentation:

1.     It is essential to document what has been agreed between all parties

2.     Facilitates good governance – from planning, status monitoring, risk, and issue management

3.     Enables effective communication across teams

4.     Helps with better resource planning and assignment

5.     Provides project traceability

6.     Enables greater collaboration


There are different types of documentation required at each phase of the project and these are completed by the lead responsible for the specific area. We usually find that the client’s SharePoint or Teams site is the best repository for the documentation and the use of these Microsoft tools allows for versioning and collaboration where required.


Documents at different stages of implementation

1.     The mobilisation phase includes documents to outline the scope of the project, high-level plans, roles and responsibilities, project budgets and risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies logs

2.     In the design phase documents outline the training needs analysis, project status reports, data strategy and a configuration catalogue.

3.     While the build phase is occurring documents are still being coined with technical specifications, test strategy, change assessment, data migration and support model documents being developed.

4.     During the testing phase test scripts, cases, project status reports, cutover plans and readiness assessments are all documents which are utilised.

5.     Finally, the optimisation phase also includes documents, including agreed support models, project closure reports and innovation strategy and roadmap.


Draft documents will be constantly updated throughout the project but will be under version control. Once reviewed and signed-off as a major version, strict change controls will be put in place.


If you are interested in updating your digital back office and are interested in hearing about the software we implement and want to hear more about our tried and tested implementation approach, get in contact.



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