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The Importance of Project Planning and Timelines In Implementations


Our previous blog post focused on the importance of documentation during implementation so to follow on with our digital back office implementation series in this blog we are going to discuss the importance of project planning and timelines.


Our approach to implementation is based on working to a set of guiding principles. We believe in collaboration with the customers, upskilling the organisation so that it is stronger after we leave, agreeing on decisions in the spirit of the programme and achieving the desired business benefits within cost and quality parameters.


We will lead and drive decision making, utilising our experience and collective delivery knowledge as required but prefer to operate as a co-pilot with the customer. By operating in this way, we can support the customer attain the best for its organisation as well as ensure collaboration and partnership with key vendors. 


If it is a large implementation with multiple components, we usually recommend a phased approach. This allows organisations to manage project capacity and co-ordinate programme activities successfully. 


We can achieve a rapid deployment comfortably within a desired implementation window as a result of the factors listed:

•       Our products showing a high degree of standard fit to requirements.

•       Our ability to utilise standard accelerators will simplify the implementation

•       Our team’s experience from previous Infor implementations gives us a deep understanding of key success factors to achieving a Go-Live on time

•       We have significant transformation experience with Finance and HR teams in multiple industries


Before we start working on the implementation, we work with the customer to coin together an implementation timeline which suits both their business and their need for a new system. The timeline will show key deliverables and milestones to align with the main goals of the business.


We typically find these timescales which are created are based on the understanding of the business’s requirements and will be refined based on the organisation’s resource capacity and programme delivery objectives.


If you would like to hear more about our tried and tested implementation process, get in touch with us today.


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