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Streamline Installation End-To-End, Quoting To Installation Processes Using Solar Project Management

Updated: Feb 20

Our solar project management software can help deliver higher margins, happier customers, and a stronger sales pipeline. Our software allows you to continually customise your project management solution to meet the unique and evolving needs of your business. Our solution can easily be modified by users who don’t have any previous coding skills or a background in software development.

Addressing challenges of solar project management

· Allows management of multiple projects of various sizes – from industrial rooftop projects and solar farms to residential rooftops.

· Selecting an appropriate site for a solar farm, conducting site assessments, getting zoning approvals, and managing legal rights – tracking all related activities to completion

· Managing costs to ensure an adequate return on investment for the client and sufficient profit margins for your business.

· Ordering, tracking, and ensuring timely delivery of supplies to enable on-time completion of projects.

· Executing legal agreements with PDF generator and storing copies of documents

· Facilitating collaboration teams; from engineers, to vendors, distributors, installation teams, and other stakeholders.

· Tracking maintenance schedules and production warranties.

Our solution utilises Quickbase’s low code platform and AWS cloud to provide a solution that is easy to deploy, simple to use, and integrates easily with your existing investments in a solar technology stack. It allows users to easily create, connect, and customise enterprise applications to fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.

Key features include;

· CRM and sales capabilities. Centralise and securely integrate customer data with your existing systems

· Centralise workflows. Manage your operations from one central platform where you can track leads, schedule site surveys, report on sales, and manage all the complexities of installation projects from a single pane of glass.

· Drive collaboration with access to data and information. Create custom dashboards for each role, allowing users to view the information they need in real time based on their team. Integrate scattered spreadsheets with solutions your team can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

· Streamline processes and eliminate manual errors through workflow automation. Integrate dealer, installer, and manufacturer systems together into a single solar project management software solution

· Scale operations faster. Manage a growing portfolio of projects more efficiently, without needing to add staff to your project management team.

· Real estate management. Access and manage all property and real estate information in one place including all property agreements, leases, customer, and vendor contracts.


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