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How Low/No Code Platforms Are Helping Conquer Business Challenges

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Utilising a low/ no-code solution is great for organisations that want to extend their IT systems in an efficient manner, along with enabling a value driven journey. Transformations that would traditionally take a long time and cost a large portion of budgets could be a thing of the past when organisations can utilise the same benefits from low/ no-code solutions.

The demand for Low/ no-code platforms is growing with Gartner predicting the global revenue for the platforms to exceed $14 billion by 2025.

Low/ no-code technologies allow organisations to focus on aspects which will drive business improvement and better user experience without the need for complex development.

Cost-effective. As low/ no-code implementations do not require as many highly qualified technical/ software staff this allows organisations to keep their costs down. This includes implementation, upgrades, and maintenance costs.

Time optimising. Low/ no-code software can be developed quickly which aids organisations to get the improvements to users quicker. Mitigating the need to spend time writing code, organisations can save their teams hours and allow them more time to carry out business enhancing tasks.

Seamless implementation and integration. Low/no-code platforms are easily implementable and allow organisations to scale back certain high-cost technical resources and integrations. Additionally making use of the latest cloud technologies alongside a low/no-code platform enables organisations to mitigate costs and risk of changes.

Modernising. Organisations need to drive adoption to the digital change well, this can be done via a low/ no-code platform because the rollout instantly creates new end-to end processing with high levels of automation to allow users to spend more time on value adding activities.

Looking into the future, upgrading to new technologies is becoming quicker allowing organisations to integrate into newer emerging digital systems quicker. It is low/ no-code solutions are allowing these changes to occur.

If your business could benefit from a low/ no-code solution, please contact us for a free trial at


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