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How AWS Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Organisation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) services and tools that allow businesses and developers to integrate AI into their applications, processes, and workflows.

Automated Data Extraction & Analysis

  • Extract text and data

    • Pull valuable information from millions of documents at speed.

  • Acquire insights

    • Maximise the value of structured text with natural language processing.

  • Control quality

    • Add humans to the review process to ensure accuracy and compliance of sensitive data.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Find accurate information faster

    • Enhance websites and applications with natural language speech to help users quickly search for what they need.

  • Personalise online experience

    • Customise applications and websites for each individual users.

  • Engage your audience in every language

    • Expand your reach and accessibility with fast, accurate and customisable translations.

Business Metrics

  • Forecast business metrics

    • Harness unique data types and time series data to create accurate end-to-end prediction models.

  • Detect online fraud

    • Stop adversaries and identify potential attacks with technology honed through years of use on

  • Identify Data Anomalies

    • Detect and identify root causes of unexpected changes in metrics such as revenue and retention.

These are just a few examples of how AWS integrates AI into its cloud services. AWS continues to innovate and expand its AI offerings to help customers leverage the power of artificial intelligence in their applications and workflows.

Contact us to learn how we can easily add automated intelligence (AI) to your applications in collaboration with AWS to transform your digital back office.


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