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Gray Work: The Hidden Work Behind Your Projects

"Gray work” is a term that Quickbase has coined to define the ad-hoc, manual workarounds and solutions that employees create when their existing technology and tools don't adequately support their needs. This type of work often involves using offline spreadsheets, disconnected systems, or customised solutions that are not easily accessible to others in the organisation.


Gray work poses several challenges for businesses:

·      It hinders effective collaboration due to data and processes being stuck in disconnected systems.

·      It creates security risks when data is held in potentially unsecured systems.

·      It can lead to duplicate work or mismatched data, resulting in project delays, budget overruns, and lost revenue.


Quickbase suggests that the prevalence of gray work is a sign that an organisation's existing tools and processes are not meeting employees' needs. To address this issue, Quickbase recommends using a platform designed for dynamic work management, which can help eliminate the need for gray work by providing better connectivity and control over complex projects.


Now you are aware of gray works and have thought about where it is present in your organisation there are multiple ways to eliminate it:

·      Reduce information overload- Get the right information at the right time, no matter where you work, and how you work, across devices.

·      Do away with fragmentation-Easily manage information and all your resources, whether digital or physical, across locations and diverse teams

·      Tap into your full employee potential- Allow your people to innovate like never before.


Giving people the tools and capabilities they need to accomplish their most complex projects will remove the need for gray work. Using a platform purpose-built for dynamic work, like Quickbase, will remove gray work from people’s processes and give your organization the connectivity and control it needs to become a dynamic enterprise.


We are a registered Quickbase partner, which allows us to implement Quickbase solutions to organisations who are spending too much time on tasks which are not adding value to their business.  Get in touch with us if this is something your organisation can benefit from.


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