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FifthQuadrant Have Partnered with Low and No Code Supplier Quickbase

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

We are excited to announce that FifthQuadrant have partnered with Quickbase to offer our clients low and no code solutions

Digitise and streamline workflows to ensure a safe and enriching experience for all users, linking existing Back Office applications (HR, Finance, Procurement and Asset Management). Accurately collect, track, and report on user data to improve collaboration and enable internal teams to draw insights and take actions with a complete management solution. Whatever your organisation, Quickbase’s low code platform provides the flexibility to integrate data silos and build efficient workflows.

Quickbase solutions provide as a cost-effective method to integrate key Back Office applications to each other or with bespoke applications. Enabling the ability to introduce process efficiencies and workflows without complex development and associated lead times.

Quickbase is the only complete platform that supports organisations to develop code in a low code manner at an enterprise scale. The platform enables teams to continuously improve their most complex business applications without the cost of traditional deployment, maintenance, or development


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