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Drive Revenue, Customer Satisfaction and Team Collaboration with Helios Solar Software

Updated: Sep 19

With growing demand from consumers to switch to cleaner energy, the opportunity for solar solutions is significant.

Providers need to demonstrate good customer service, and streamlined processes from enquiry through to installation.

Current solutions that do not align CRM lead tracking, with workflows to assign activities and actions results in delay in closing opportunities and inefficiencies across teams.

Multiple back-office applications that are not integrated create bottlenecks, loss of sales and delay revenue generation.

With FifthQuadrant’s Helios Solar Software, we provide out the box capability to streamline processes, create common platforms to share, update sales opportunities and enable real-time reporting.

  • Helios provides total visibility over your internal processes, from sales enquiry, to qualification, design, quotation and through to contract and installation. Employees can take advantage of smart scheduling, route optimisation, real-time location tracking, digitalised timesheets and more. Helios can be accessed by any device, and this allows technicians to send and receive alertsin real-time, generate automated messages, leave job notes and more. This level of collaboration results in seamless administration and communication between field staff, sales teams, and customers.

  • Helios allows teams to effectively design and install processes efficiently. The solution can manage parts and inventory to streamline installations. Technicians can see where parts are located, order what is needed and communicate the expected delivery which allows the back-office staff to have a comprehensive overview of the inventory from anywhere, using any device.

Helios is hosted on the AWS Cloud which enables best-in-class security and high solution availability and importantly access to customer information, sales leads, design documentation and installation schedule from any device, anytime.

With an out the box solution, excel spreadsheets, reconciling data and awaiting updates could be a thing of the past. Call today to see a demo and how Helios can streamline your business.

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