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Low Code - No Code

Low code solutions are cost efficient technology that allows organisations to continuously improve their most complex business applications without the cost of traditional deployment, maintenance, or development.


Low Code technology allows Public Sector organisation to:

•Digitise and streamline workflows to ensure a safe and enriching experience, linking existing Back Office applications (HR, Finance, Procurement, and Asset Management).

•Deploy cost-effective workflows to integrate key Back Office applications to each other or with bespoke applications. Enabling the ability to introduce additional process efficiencies and workflows without development lead times.

•Address unique organisational challenges that require degree of customisable solution with out the associated costs or complexity to existing application landscape


Quickbase is an application development platform that unites business and IT teams by enabling problem solvers of any technical background to work together to safely, securely and sustainably create an ecosystem of applications. Quickbase helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique processes by enabling citizen development at scale across one common platform


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Public Sector Transformations

Central and Local Government

Central and Local Governments face ever greater demands for efficiencies in the provision of public services and how they operationally deliver. Using data to forecast and model can inform policies and processes both centrally and locally. This can range from forecasting employment trends and skills demand through to using satellite imaging to check on the use of Government subsidies for woodland development. Cloud solutions can bring organisations operational efficiencies through more efficient HR and finance processes and improved retention of top talent, but also through realising value in procurement and asset management. The cloud enables public bodies to augment their own data sets to create new insights that define and change Public Sector services and delivery.


Universities and colleges need to transform not only the operational aspects of education provision and management, but also the way education is delivered. Efficient and effective back-office operations such as HR, finance, procurement, and maintenance can allow resources to be dedicated to education provision. Education institutions need to balance the multiple income streams with not only day to day costs but also plan for capital investment in equipment, buildings, and new capabilities.  Operationally, cloud solutions allows data to be aggregated across departments and different systems to better understand revenues, costs, assets replacement and maintenance as well as resource scheduling.


Blue Light Services

Emergency services are under ever increasing pressure to deliver services in a timely manner whilst balancing staff rostering and welfare, with managing costs. Better understanding of service demands is required, which can be informed by population-based forecasts and local trends. This would allow Services to predict demand to allow for fire and ambulance appliances, ensure equipment maintenance and testing as well allow workforce planning and rostering of volunteers, front line staff and support teams.

Technology can be utilised to support Bluelight services track and manage the myriad of assets whether at base or at an incident. Using RFID, assets can be tracked, maintenance proactively managed and replacements planned. This allows an end to end understanding of assets, costs and forecasted investments.

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Not for Profit

Operational efficiency and public engagement are critical for charities and NGOs, to support fund raising, access hard to reach groups or engage with potential volunteers. Data sits at the heart of these organisations and enabling the insights to drive fundraising campaigns, signing up new volunteers, and drive operational efficiencies to ensure funds are spent on the causes they support rather than administration.

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