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Low Code - No Code

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Organisations face a range of complex and rapidly changing requirements, and low-code platforms can help meet these requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Low-code solutions allow organisations to build custom applications quickly and easily, without the need for extensive technical expertise. 

Low-code solutions have many applications including the ability to streamline workflows and automate manual processes, reducing the time and resources required to complete tasks. Additionally, solutions can be integrated with other systems, such as data management platforms and communication tools, to provide a comprehensive digital solution.

Low Code technology allows organisations to:

•Digitise and streamline workflows to ensure a safe and enriching experience, linking existing Back Office applications (HR, Finance, Procurement, and Asset Management).

•Deploy cost-effective workflows to integrate key Back Office applications with each other or to bespoke applications. Enabling the ability to introduce additional process efficiencies and workflows without development lead times.

•Address unique organisational challenges that require a degree of customisable solution without the associated costs or complexity to existing application landscape

About Quickbase 

Quickbase is an application development platform that unites business and IT teams by enabling problem solvers of any technical background to work together to safely, securely, and sustainably create an ecosystem of applications. Quickbase helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique processes by enabling citizen development at scale across one common platform

FifthQuadrant Quickbase Reseller 

FifthQuadrant is an official reseller for Quickbase which means if you are looking to buy licenses of value below £10K, we can assist. Additionally, can we support the development of rapid applications and transitioning knowledge post go-live. This allows benefits to be realised quickly whilst the organisation learns to maintain the solutions. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Low Code Benefits 

  • Process automation: Automating manual processes can help organisations save time and reduce errors, improving efficiency and service delivery. Low-code solutions can be used to automate a range of tasks, such as approvals and notifications.

  • Rapid application development: Low-code solutions can be used to quickly develop custom applications to meet specific requirements, without the need for extensive technical expertise. This can help organizations respond to changing requirements and improve service delivery.

  • Digital transformation: Low-code solutions can be used to support digital transformation initiatives, helping organisations to transition from manual, paper-based processes to digital solutions.

  • Citizen engagement: Low-code solutions can be used to develop applications that enable citizen engagement, such as portals for reporting issues and tracking progress.

  • Data management: Low-code solutions can be used to develop custom applications for data management, including data import and export, reporting, and data visualisation.

  • Collaboration: Low-code solutions can provide tools for real-time collaboration and communication, allowing teams to work together on projects and data.

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