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Webinar: Keep Your Assets Perfectly in Sync Between GIS and SAP




January 25th, 2023


10am GMT

VertiGIS Integrator is the true message-based middleware you need to create consistent data sets between GIS and SAP, enabling highly efficient map centric workflows across both.


Are you still entering data in two distinct systems (GIS, SAP) instead of setting up a consistent and unified data entry workflow?


Are you still suffering therefore from poor data quality and even poorer data consistency between GIS and SAP?


Are you interested to set up highly efficient business processes for the maintenance process, the service connection process or other business processes, which span across SAP and GIS?

Then register now for our VertiGIS Integrator webinar and learn how easy it is to perfectly synchronize SAP with your GIS data sets!

We will also show you how to synchronize other systems with your GIS, e.g. SCADA, ERP, CRM, ...

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