Transformation & Programme Delivery

Transformation & Programme Delivery

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FifthQuadrant can bring additional capacity to organisations to support complex transformations. Our experienced consultants can augment internal capability and deliver capacity to work with external programme delivery partners.

We can work with organisations to structure their transformation journey to follow a defined programme delivery path, identifying the key roles we need Stakeholders to play. Our outcome based approach ensures there is clarity around roles and responsibilities of project staff, suppliers, vendors and business sponsors. This results-based approach along with experience of delivering complex programmes ensures that all aspects of change are co-ordinated.

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client's ERP programme had failed to account for the development of multiple interfaces and development of legacy applications to support data flows to plant level manufacturing execution systems.

  • FifthQuadrant provided experience programme and project resources to work with System Integrations to identify and develop requisite interfaces. Additionally, provided project resources to work with Client IT development teams to deliver over 2 years development effort within 6 months, making changes to over 20 systems and ensuring data integration to over 50 interfaces.

Lifecycle Delivery


FifthQuadrant consultant's have delivered multiple end to end lifecycle projects, from business case development, through to requirements definition and development, through to testing and deployment. Projects have ranged from delivery of ERP, CRM, HR, Treasury and Reporting solutions as well as projects that have required delivery of legacy applications or non technology centric programmes such as Target Operating Model or establishment of shared services. FifthQuadrant consultants bring expertise to each phase of end-to-end delivery, ensuring on budget, time and scope delivery.

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client required transition of outsourced finance and accounting capability from Poland Shared Service centre to new stand alone location as a result of acquisition.

  • FifthQuadrant defined the overall scope for outsourcing finance and accounting services. This included developing the business case, identifying vendors for RFP and supporting subsequent commercial discussions.

  • Developed plan to move finance and accounting current shared service operations out from current location due to acquisition to dual European and Indian locations based on cost efficiencies and language accessibility. Defined detailed process and systems for AP, AR and GL. Worked with outsourced company and incumbent provider to define and work to agreed knowledge transfer plans. Worked to aggressive plans to establish new facilities and have them operational within six months operating across 3 countries and several languages.

Programme Review & Reset
Review and reset

FifthQuadrant's expertise in delivery of complex programmes means they are well placed to provide independent and objective assessments of programmes that are behind schedule, lack scope or defined business outcomes. FifthQuadrant have a tried and tested 7-point framework to assess programmes and can quickly provide an assessment of areas that need attention. FifthQuadrant's approach provides pragmatic and measurable actions that can support the resetting of programmes to reconfirm scope, budgets, schedule and business outcomes. FifthQuadrant engage with all stakeholders, internal and external, to establish common issues and agree an action plan. ​​

FifthQuadrant Case Study:

  • Client had been running a major ERP transformation programme for 18 months without any deployments to the 12 manufacturing operational sites across the UK.

  • FifthQuadrant requested by Transformation Director to perform programme review. Review identified need to reset programme and engage business to define detailed requirements, scale up System Integrator capability and attain support from senior stakeholders. Reset plan presented to the Board which confirmed target delivery deadlines and support for proposed interventions.