Most change programmes fail due to insufficient time and resources allocated to engaging with the Business prior to major changes to processes, working practices and systems. The current remote working environment has made this task even harder.


At FifthQuadrant we have recognised the implementation challenges that organisations face and developed a set of courses that support the development of business change skills for a project delivery team. 

The masterclass is a set of short courses delivered remotely for up to 25 users at a time. We can adapt the material of the courses to reflect your specific organisation or create bespoke courses that are tailored to your organisation - please contact us so we can provide a guide for this. 

The masterclass schedule can be delivered according to your organisations requirements but needs to be within four to six weeks from the first course to ensure that maximum value is attained and users experience a cumulative learning effect from the courses. 

Business Change - Master Class Taster Session Registration

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Masterclass Course Overview 

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement refers to an ongoing effort to improve your services, products and processes to make them more effective and efficient. It requires an inquisitive, persistent mind-set, combined with the ability to use the right tool at the right time.

Managing Change

Change is ever-present now in today’s world, and businesses are having to adapt to their environments at an exponential speed.

How your staff react to change is critical to the success of your business. Managers who can craft and deliver change messages, and skilfully lead their teams through change initiatives, are much in demand.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a key indicator of success in the modern workplace, and is increasingly being seen as a major driver of improved performance, especially at the Executive level. Managers and team members who work on improving their EQ typically see dramatic improvements in results, including a reduction in stress, more focus on the task at hand rather than disruptive behaviours, and an ability to manage difficult situations.

Active Bystander

Are you looking for ways to influence the culture in your organisation, so that incivility, bullying and other negative behaviours are challenged? Active Bystander training will give your staff the tools to tackle incidents of abuse and discrimination as they arise

The Art of Virtual Engagement

People are our biggest asset but we don’t always get the best out of them. This can frequently be down to management skills. Do you know how to get optimal performance from all your team - with both the ‘What’ and the ‘How’? Is your team solely task focused at the expense of the bigger picture? The Art of Performance Management will help build up your ability to drive results & create a can-do culture.

Developing Personal Influence

The age of ‘command and control’ management is over. In some circumstances in work you may be occasionally able to tell people what to do, but the working world is generally about persuading and influencing peers, colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.This course will help you reflect on your current influence and give you the skills to practice having greater personal impact.

Managing Remote Teams

We are all now managing and working in more remote ways than ever before. Many of us are learning how to be consistent when managing in this new environment. How do we have those difficult conversations about performance and well-being? How do we prioritise to manage our teams more effectively? And how do we get the balance right between productivity, well being and maintaining staff motivation? If you’re looking for support in managing remotely, this 60 minute virtual masterclass is for you.


The Art of Performance Management 

People are our biggest asset, but we don’t always get the best out of them. This can frequently be down to management skills. Do you know how to get optimal performance from all your team - with both the ‘What’ and the ‘How’? Is your team solely task focused at the expense of the bigger picture? This course will help build up your ability to drive results, and create a can-do culture.

Coaching Skills for Managers 

Great coaching skills are an essential skill for anyone who is responsible for getting the best possible performance from others. This course will give delegates the confidence to know when and how to hold constructive coaching conversations with different personality types which lead to positive behaviour change in the workplace.

Business Change



  • 9 short courses to upskill programme change champions

  • Courses delivered remotely

  • Courses can be attended by up to 25 people 

  • Courses can be adapted to reflect organisational programmes or change context

  • Suggestion for future masterclass courses welcomed 

  • Bespoke courses can be created and delivered upon request and agreement of price